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PESOQ Projet d'Archivage Sémantique des Objets Quotidiens[edit]

This Wiki is dedicated to archiving personal information embedded in daily objects, those objects that have come along with you a long way. At first sight they do not necessarily have any value, they can be anything a used bottle cap, a single sock,a very large and heavy piece of furniture that for some reason sticks with us inevitably. They have gone through multiple transformations along with us, and as time passes they acquire a historical value in our personal life. Other objects are highly symbolic and strongly linked to our personal history they represent us and we do not want to get rid of them .......... or do we? In a consumerist society not only the question of objects lifecycle becomes crucial to our survival, but also raises the question of how to retrieve the mere value of our personal history embeded to so many disposable artifacts.

This wiki serves to archive the stories attached to those objects that have traveled along life with us, to value the relation we maintain with contemporary objects, and how they are intrisically linked to our memories.

Upload to this Wiki the information you want to share about some objects it is a mean of transmission every one can use.

====================== WELCOME ======================[edit]

wiki is open to everyone to archive objects their image nature and stories all experience related to them hence contributing to a general knowledge and giving a second life to contemporary objects.

You can ad your object and stories asociated either by creating a new page or by adding to already existing pages stories. To add to already existing stories check the list of object below and access the related page, you can add new content associated to this object and change the set of keywords To add a new object please list it at the bottom of the main page, and link it to a new page where you will be able to sort out keywords and stories;

================ HOW TO EDIT =====================[edit]

Medai Wiki is a very simple to edit:

1) Click on the edit button for the paragraph you wish to change

2) A new layout will open, simply add your text in the box,

3) Then do not forget to save.

If any doubt you can always check:

You can change all information that has already been marked and add your own viewpoint - story - object. Every revision will be kept in history and on the discussion tab you are welcome to comment on the changes that happen (very needed if you do major changes)

For this project, you can create a new page for every object/history added to the project or you can add more information to an existing page.

to create a new page best way is to start from a link, hence, on the main page there is a list of objects, you can create a link to the new object/page created so that it stays accessible easily, or the link can start from an already existing story. To make a link:

1) edit the section type the link name

2) use the top page function key to make it a link

3) save and click on the new link that will therefore be red it will open a blank page you can fill

For more info please check here

================ OBJECT COLLECT =====================[edit]
from May 10th to July 13th 2013

[Ruelles][1] is looking for your used and useless, but meaningful objects; the ones which have a special meaning for you. Tell us their story, how they traveled along with you, where they are gathering dust at this moment. We will give them a new life.

check the [| event] page

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